Surgical Movies about Symblepharon

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Pterygium: Surgical Strategies for Success
Dr. Hovanesian reveals his techniques for successful pterygium surgery. His recommendations include using sutureless fixation of dehydrated amniotic membrane.

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Pterygium Excision
Michelle Crosby, MD, performs a pterygium excision with Ambio5 graft placement on a 68-year old Hispanic gentleman.

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Pterygium Excision: Iceberg Technique
Dr. Arun Gulani presents a recurrent pterygium excision and sutureless fixation of dehydrated amniotic membrane.

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Sutureless Fixation of Amniotic Membrane
Gregory T. Hofeldt, MD, removes a large pterygium and takes extra care to excise the root completely. The surgeon measures the defect with calipers to determine the size of the graft. He cuts an over-sized Ambio5 (IOP Inc.) graft, a dehydrated {human} amniotic membrane graft, and affixes it to the bare sclera.